25 and up

Tomato Nation has some advice and tough love for people my age

My favorite part is number 19:

Take care of yourself. If you are sick, visit a doctor. If you are sad, visit a shrink or talk to a friend. If you are unhappy in love, break up. If you are fed up with how you look, buy a new shirt or stop eating cheese. If you have a problem, try to fix it. Many problems are knotty and need a lot of talking through, or time to resolve, but after a few months of all complaining and no fixing, those around you will begin to wonder if you don’t enjoy the problems for the attention they bring you. Venting is fine; inertia coupled with pouting is not. Bored? Read a magazine. Mad at someone? Say so — to them. Change is hard; that’s too bad. Effort counts. Make one. Your mommy’s shift is over.

I do most (but not quite all) of the things on the list. It’s a good read.
(via kottke)

2 Responses to “25 and up”

  1. Peyton says:

    The one I can never do is the “handwritten” thank you note… my handwriting is so awful that it makes me cringe whenever I read it… I wouldn’t want to put that suffering on anyone else…

  2. Matt says:

    Yeah, I don’t do that one much either, for the same reason.

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